To Whom It May Concern:

As President and COO of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Greater Los Angeles, I can testify to the reputation for results and history of success that Ron Wynn, Steve Sawaii, and Fiora Aston offer at WSA Partners. Their local market expertise, established professional network, and depth of resources from Coldwell Banker combine for an exemplary full-service real estate experience on the Westside.

Since WSA Partners is part of the Coldwell Banker Previews International Program, their unique partnership offers Westside buyers and sellers the power of a "brand within a brand.” The team brings the stability of one of America's most enduring companies, a luxury marketing program with the most extensive online and international brokerage network in the world, and 85 years of combined experience representing world-class homes and estates. WSA Partners has a proven history or providing extraordinary service to buyers and sellers of luxury real estate-whether it's marketing luxury estates to reach the broadest audience possible or offering clients the highest levels of discretion.

Individually, Ron, Steve and Fiora have built sterling reputations based on the results they've been able to achieve for their clients. They each boast many accolades and business achievements between them. They also bring a unique set of talents and strength to the partnership: Ron is a master marketer, negotiator and real estate entrepreneur; Steve is a skilled problem solver and highly knowledgeable about the Westside market; and Fiora excels at finding luxury estate properties and pocket listings through her network. However, their success today would not have been possible without the strong relationships they have built with their agent and broker colleagues over the last few decades. They continue to bring that same spirit of collaboration, respect, integrity, impeccable negotiating skills, and make-it-happen work ethic to their partnership, which directly benefits their many clients.

WSA Partners is 100% committed to their mission, offering clients the kind of world class service that they expect from a real estate partnership backed by Coldwell Banker.

Betty Graham

Dear Steve:

Congratulations on your new business partnership, namely WSA. It's quite impressive that you are your partners have consistently been the top 1% producers at Coldwell Banker.

Our company, Lee & Associates commercial real estate services have been working with you for the last 17 years. We have been referring our clients to you with residential real estate needs. You are diligent, hardworking, and conscientious and you put your client's needs ahead of yourself. Not only are we pleased with the results you yield in representing our referrals but our client's feedback is exceptional. We will continue to work and continue to be pleased as always.

You have always fulfilled the obligation to represent the client's best interest. This letter comments you on your outstanding performance and professionalism.

Not only do I recommend you as a knowledgeable professional, but also as a human being.

Rudy Quintanar

Dear Fiora,

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation for all your professional help throughout the past 10 years. During the course of the last few years you have advised me on home purchases in Santa Monica for investment purposed.

My first home at 714 16th St. which you negotiated a great purchase price and subsequently you found me a fantastic tenant for 3 years. After which point you advised me to sell that house and use the equity for a better house. You marketed the house and should it within 2 weeks with a great profit.
AS a result of that sale, I was able to make an offer on 210 Georgina, in a multiple offer situation, you managed with your unique way of presentation, you were able to quality me as the perfect buyer for that house. With the profits from the first sale, I was able thanks to you, purchase this home on my favorite street in Santa Monica.

Also for the last few years you have been an incredible source of information for the rentals of the house as well as your ideas for future remodeling.

I have been fortunate enough to have you as a trusted advisor in all matters or real estate regardless of final outcome for your monetary gain or loss.

I wish you great success in our new endeavor, WSA Partners.

F. Fayyad.

Dear Fiora:

Carey and I would like to thank you for all the real estate help you have offered us in the past several years.

Meeting you at an open house at 615 Kingman, before my marriage you kept in touch with tons of information on a constant basis, which brought us to the sale of our house in Malibu. AT the closing of that sale we had found not a house to move. You kept us calm and comforted us that you will find us a home just in time.

So you did- by calling around you managed to find us a pocket listing on Sycamore St. in SM. We purchases and moved into that ho sue right on time. Subsequently, you represented us in purchasing the house right next door to us, in a multiple offer situation, you managed to present us as the best buyer to the seller.

You also sold our house on Pacific St. in Santa Monica.

All these years you have been a dependable source of information, advised us on numerous ideas about the properties, helped us with getting a reduction on our property taxes, remodeling the house and much more.

We wish you the best of luck in your business in the future and would not hesitate to recommend you as our favor tie realtor advisor.

Scott Messick

When I heard the news about WSA Ron Wynn, Steve Sawaii, and Fiora Aston, I was absolutely thrilled. I have the utmost respect and have been very fortunate to work with each of them individually for many years. They conduct their business with tremendous integrity and professionalism and I have no doubt what they bring to the industry is a lead to follow.

I wish WSA and their fabulous team all the best with their careers and this exciting new venture.

Denyse Orvis

Dear Ron,

Good luck on your new location on Montana. Feel free to use me as a referral. You did a great job for me on the Purchase of our current home and the sale of my north of Montana condo. In addition, you exceeded my high expectations with the recent transaction on the home at 454 9th Street in Santa Monica. Over the 16 years we have worked together, you have always taken care of me and anyone I referred to you. Your knowledge, experience and responsiveness makes doing a real estate transaction both profitable and a pleasure.

Paul F. Wetmore

Dear Steve:

I wanted to write you and let you know how much Yvonne and I appreciated your hard work and expertise in both selling our house in a tough market and closing the deal on the Robson house.

You did a great job marketing our house on 34th Street, both personally and through the internet and newspaper. In a down market you generated a lot of interest; in the end you found a buyer who paid cash, and agreed to the short escrow we wanted.

In helping us find a new home in Santa Monica at the price we wanted, you show an encyclopedic knowledge of Santa Monica, we never visited a home where you did not have some special knowledge or insight about the house, the street or the neighborhood.
Ultimately you helped us find the house we wanted at a price we could afford. It was a short sale with three lenders, an absent owner and difficult agent on the other side. Your creativity and persistence helped us fight through the many problems and issues we encountered and made the deal happen. An average agent would have moved on.

We have also never forgotten how over 25 years ago when were first time buyers with little money and no knowledge of the market or the process of buying a home, you worked just as hard for us. Your cheerfulness, good will, professionalism and most of all your honesty, is why we have referred so many of friends and relatives to you over the years.

Good luck with your new endeavor. When we are ready to sell Robson (many years from now) we will give you a call.

Richard W.Moore, Ph.D
Yvonne T. Guy, Ph.D

Dear Ron:

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the extra time and care you have spent with us on a personal level to close our recent transaction. We appreciate the fact that you are very busy, but out experience with you made us feel like we were your only client, which was very important to us. As you know, we have had many experiences in the past to both buy and sell from you and in each case, we felt you were there for us.

Of course we know you have a gift when it comes to marketing, but what we have appreciated more as the sound and solid advice you gave us. We have been building homes for decades, and know that you have been in the real estate field just as long, and are very savvy when it comes to making strategic decisions. Although ultimately we make our own decisions, we value highly the suggestions you make and know they are made with our best interests in mind. We appreciate the fact that on several occasions you have recommended against a sale or purchase, knowing that is would be benefitted you in the short term. We are committed to you as a long-term client and would recommend you to anyone seeking outstanding advice and outstanding representation.


Michael Klein