Wynn, Sawaii and Aston are unconditionally committed to providing a superior level of service to both buyers and sellers. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you are their number one priority, that your needs are put ahead of all others, and that when you speak, your words are not only heard, but understood, appreciated, and respected? These are the signs of professionalism, care, and partnership. We believe that every client should be treated as though they are “the only client,” whether they are selling a $400,000 home or a multi-million dollar, “world-class” estate. “Every client we represent receives the ultimate in service, care, and dignity.” Treating people like they would like to be treated is the key to their success; there is just no substitute for good old-fashioned, hands-on customer service.

WSA Partners believe that before they can negotiate on behalf of their clients, they first must understand their needs and desires. Communication and listening is the cornerstone of how Wynn, Sawaii and Aston truly succeed in making each client their number one priority. “By carefully listening, understanding, and respecting the wishes and objectives of our clients,” we can then produce the results our clients need utilizing skillful and tested negotiation strategies, individual, comprehensive marketing plans, and our proven, client specific, innovative techniques.

Our Mission Statement

Wynn Sawaii Aston/WSA is a community of real estate professionals who serve their clients as trusted advisors and who share the high standards of integrity, performance, and accountability. WSA promotes the sharing of information and collaboration among its members for the benefit of their clients.

It is our mission to collaborate using our many years of knowledge and experience, always with the commitment to process information and apply it in the best interests of our clients. In so doing, we pledge:

• To listen carefully and be sensitive to every client’s needs. To assure every buyer and seller of being heard, by giving them our personal attention relative to their individual needs.

• To handle our business professionally at all times and never lose sight of the fact that to our clients, we are their “trusted advisors,” and the advice we give to our clients comes from the commitment of putting our clients in front of ourselves.

• To make recommendations to our clients that will position them for what is in their best interests. We will never lose sight that honesty, integrity, reliability, accountability, education and creativity are the qualities that have made us successful.

• To stay in touch with our past clients and to build client relationships for life. To treat every client, buyers and sellers alike, as though they are “our only client,” proving to them we are there and available to them personally, communicating with them regularly and continually.

• To vigorously showcase every seller’s home with a specific, personalized, strategic, and unique marketing plan best characterizing their home to show not only its features, but the benefits of those features.

• To combine progressive ideas, cutting-edge technology, social networking, and hard work to best serve our clients.

• To respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients.

• To remain accountable to our clients at every stage of the transaction.

• To provide alternative choices for our clients, allowing them time for consideration of the available options after explaining the upsides and downsides of those choices.

• To stay involved in the community by participating in school, civic, and neighborhood events.
As a top priority, our ultimate desire is to help our clients achieve their goals.