Our Team

We are your friendly real estate experts. Providing you compassionate, authoritative service whether you’re buying or selling, or perhaps thinking through renovating, decorating and landscaping, or possibly renting out your home. We try our best to make you feel you are our ONLY client. Our team of pro’s is your on-call team. Working behind the scenes, anticipating and managing every detail for you. So the entire process feels effortless. No matter the time, please call us. 



Ron is the ultimate problem-solver. Clients bring problems nobody else can solve to Ron. He’s able to piece together the missing links to fix what seemed insurmountable. As a decades-long Westside top producer, Ron knows every estate property, starter home and tear-down candidate as if he was still on his old newspaper route hand-delivering the LA Times. He is known for breaking the buy/sell process down into pieces of a larger strategic plan. This approach is appreciated by everybody from multiple generations of families to attorneys, accountants, wealth managers and corporate titans.



In the people business of real estate, Steve is the peoples’ people-person. While Steve has a multi-generational clientele of well known celebrities, athletes and high net worth individuals, you would never know it. Because of his absolute discretion. And he’s the hardest-working, most detail-oriented, everyday guy in our business. He is a Master of the Numbers, providing brilliant analysis and appraisal justifications. He is as comfortable showcasing a grand estate in the Pacific Palisades as he is recommending easy fixes that will dramatically increase your enjoyment of your home, along with a reliable time and cost estimate.



No one can unlock and tell the Story of a home like Fiora. Combining her impeccable taste, international clientele and architecture and urban planning training, she is able to help buyers and sellers evocatively envision their lives in their new homes, while producing some of the highest values for properties new and old in a number of exclusive Westside neighborhoods. Fiora quickly establishes both trust and love among her buyers, sellers, developers, designers and artists – all of whom she brings into the process to make her client’s experience personal, beautiful and successful.